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Wild Maine Blueberry Farm

Alexander’s Wild Maine Blueberries, a family-owned wild lowbush blueberry farm located off Route 2 between Bangor and Lincoln, offers a variety of experiences for you and your family.

 - Most popular are the blueberries we cleanly winnow (dry process), and pack in convenient 10 lb. boxes, available fresh during the harvest and frozen while supplies last.

 - Many of our customers enjoy handpicking the large clusters of lowbush wild blueberries.

 - Some choose one of our hand rakes to gently pull the blueberries from the bushes, and we remove the majority of stems and leaves with our old-fashioned winnowing machine. 

How many things taste incredibly good, and are good for you?  Maine's native lowbush wild blueberries are packed with intense flavor and very high levels of antioxidants.  

Unlike the cultivated highbush blueberry, Maine lowbush wild blueberries burst with a sweet and tangy flavor—a wonderful delicacy freshly picked or pulled from the freezer for your favorite recipes.  Whether fresh or frozen, wild Maine blueberries are a tasty treat with superior nutritional value.


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Alexander's Wild Maine Blueberries

   There's NOTHING Like a Wild Maine Blueberry

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